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"Thanks again for taking your time to discuss this with me and for your excellent customer service, I will make sure to recommend yourselves in the future. 

All the best,



"Very helpful people with good advise selling a game changing product. A must have for occasional use cars / bikes"


"Hello Paul, Thank you for our recent helpful phone conversation"



"Hi Paul
Just wanted to tell you the battery arrived.
I fitted it and the tracker and it started first time.
I'm a very happy ladyl.
The tracker is great and works a treat.
I can tell everything is working as it should.

I will be recommending you to all anyone who mentions a battery or has a custom car, bike , boat and will tell them to mention my name so you know i'm spreading the word!
If you ever want a written review then let me know as you went above and beyond what I was expecting.
Its amazing to find a company like yours that care's for their customers as many now don't give a monkeys, they just want the money.
I really do appreciate that you looked after me and it was really nice to chat.

Many thanks again

"Would like to say thank you so much for sorting out a battery for my bimota db7. Your service and product are first class. Thanks for all your help and professionalism. Best regards. R W Taylor "
"Hi Paul,
Package received yesterday, all looks good.
Just wanted to thank you for a fantastic service, I wish all suppliers were as good.
All the best,  David."
ATX12 RS 480 cca"

"I bought an atx 20/ 680 cca rs for a high comp 2.0 road car - apart from the need for trickle charging [due to infrequent use] it is perfect. I have a 9.0 comp 2.0 turbo car that's eaten more lead acid batteries than I remember as it's used almost never [changing very soon...]. I took a chance [20-25 deg C recently in UK] that dropping from the 20/680 cca rs to the 12/480 cca rs would be fine - no probs at all despite the mapping/ lack of running can cause probs on its own when firing it up after a long spell. It's even lighter than the 20/ 680 cca - crazy light [I think it might be a racing bike battery]. I've had the 20 now for almost 2 years so don't think reliability will be a problem long term for either. If you can get away with the smaller capacity 12/ 480 [AG chaps recommended 680 first time there when I personally visited] go for it as it's even lighter [the 20 was 1.68 kg on certified scales, didn't measure the 12] and usefully cheaper ! The restart means it has never let me down. PS the restart is only good for 1-2 starts if it's been allowed to run down [against AG advice..] if a trickle charger/ driving to charge it up is not used after the RS used [clearly not advisable but in the interests of science...?]."
"After a recent order online through the website I was contacted by a gentleman named Paul who was able to go through my order and provide recommendations to a better suited product for my needs and helped put my mind at ease over the correct part for the bike. I feel it is not to often that friendly advise is given with such customer care and will see me coming back and myself recommending to others. Thank you

Kind regards
Liam Boggis"
"Don’t leave home without one."

"Purchased the micro start sport with fly lead , had a issue with my battery even when showing fully charged and strong. I needed pace of mind so carry this with me. A week-after purchase 50 miles from home at a fuel station bike refused to start. Out came the backup battery , quick connection and bike fired 1st go. I now have a new battery but still carry the micro start just in case."
"Hi Paul,

Battery arrived this morning, amazing service mate thank you!

Thanks again. Kenny."
"Hello Paul, thank you very much for your speed and efficiency, you have already received the UPS shipping notification.
Have a nice day
Ana Muñoz"
Marketing and Commercial 


Dear Paul,

"The battery is in (Corvette C5) and seems to be working well. Fabulous weight saving!

Thanks for the lengthy telephone conversation getting me up to speed on this new technology. And also for shipping the order quickly in time for my trackday.

Best regards,

That's brilliant Paul, as long as they have the same connector fitting for the unit then it will be fine.
Really appreciate your taking the time to help me out, I'm very impressed with the Antigravity attitude - nice one.