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OEM Case Batteries

The  Antigravity Batteries OEM Case Models are made using our extremely high power and lightweight  lithium cells  inside an OEM (stock) sized case.  They offer the same lightweight and high power benefits of our Small Case batteries but are in a more convenient drop in fit for your particular vehicle model… Same size and shape as your stock motorcycle battery but with powerful lithium-ion inside.

Lithium batteries do not behave in the same manner as their lead acid or gel counterparts, if you are new to lithium batteries we would recommend you contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Antigravity Battery YTZ7-4

Antigravity Battery YTZ7-4£132.00


The Antigravity YTZ7-4 Lithium Motorsports Battery is a direct replacement in size for the Lead/Acid YTZ7S found in so many bikes including most every Enduro bike on the market.

Antigravity Batteries YT7B-BS (Ducati Panigale)

Antigravity Batteries YT7B-BS (Ducati Panigale)£176.00

This battery is now replaced by AT7B-BS Click Here

Antigravity Batteries YTZ7-8

Antigravity Batteries YTZ7-8£198.00


The Antigravity YTZ7-8 Lithium Motorsports Battery is an Hi-Power Lithium Replacement for the OEM Lead/Acid YTZ7S found in so many bikes including most all Enduros.

Antigravity Battery YTZ10-8

Antigravity Battery YTZ10-8£198.00

This battery is the 8-Cell version of the YTZ10 Case format. This battery case is a direct replacement for the lead/acid battery found many models of motorcycle including many Metric sport bikes and KTMs.

Antigravity Battery YT12BS-12

Antigravity Battery YT12BS-12£242.00

The Antigravity Batteries  YT12BS-12 is a 12-Cell Nanophosphate Lithium  OEM replacement for the Lead/Acid YT12-BS. The YT12-BS case format is found in most all Ducati motorcycles as well as many others

Antigravity Battery YTX12-12

Antigravity Battery YTX12-12£242.00

This is the our 12-cell version that comes in the OEM YTX12 Case format.  It has 360 Cranking Amps and is a direct replacement for the standard YTX12 Lead/Acid Battery. 

Antigravity Battery YTZ10-12

Antigravity Battery YTZ10-12£242.00

The Antigravity Batteries  YTZ10  is a direct replacement for the OEM version of the YTZ10s lead/acid battery found many models of motorcycles and power sport vehicles.  It also replaces the YTX9 and YTX7A

Antigravity Battery YT12BS-16

Antigravity Battery YT12BS-16£319.00

This is Antigravity Hi-Power version of  YT12-BS Case format. This battery has 16-Cell with 480 Cranking Amps. It  is a direct replacement for most all Ducati motorcycles as well as many others.

Antigravity Battery YTX12-16

Antigravity Battery YTX12-16£319.00

This is the 3rd most powerful battery in our line up.  It has an extremely solid 480 Cranking Amps that for normal bikes up to 1500cc and is double the cranking amps of the lead acid equivalent.

Antigravity Battery YTX12-20

Antigravity Battery YTX12-20£399.00

This is the third most powerful 20 Cell battery in the Antigravity Batteries line up.  At a massive 600 Cranking Amp and extremely compact size   5.8″ Length x 3.4″ Depth and 5.12″ height

Antigravity ATX20-HD Battery

Antigravity ATX20-HD Battery£480.00   £399.99

The NEW Antigravity ATX20-HD battery is a High Power, lightweight lithium replacement for the popular YTX-20 size Lead/Acid battery. This is our HEAVY DUTY version, designed with significant Power and Amp-Hour Capacity in this popular case size.

Antigravity Battery YTX12-24

Antigravity Battery YTX12-24£440.00


This is the second most powerful battery in the Antigravity Batteries line up. It is in the YTX12 OEM case format so can be used as the OEM direct replacement in many vehicles or in any use where MASSIVE POWER and excellent capacity are desired.

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