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Tyre Inflator for Micro-Start

Tyre Inflator for Micro-Start£29.95


Tyre Inflator for Micro-Start

Universal Battery Tray

Universal Battery Tray£29.95

Universal Lightweight Aluminium Battery Tray

Antigravity - Multi-Function Lantern

Antigravity - Multi-Function Lantern£49.95   £39.95

The NEW Antigravity Batteries Multi-Function Lantern is a 4-in-1 Camp Lantern, wireless Bluetooth Music/Audio Player, SpeakerPhone and even a Flashlight! Perfect for traveling; but also great at home, work, or anywhere you need light & music.

Antigravity - UltraLight-X Multi-Function Flashlight (Modular)

Antigravity - UltraLight-X Multi-Function Flashlight (Modular)£49.95   £39.95

UltraLight X is a Modular, Multi-function 4-in-1 Flashlight. It's a Flashlight, Bluetooth Music Player, Speakerphone, and Power Bank! Easily pairs with Bluetooth Devices so you can play & control any Audio and even Answer Calls hands-free

OptiMATE TEST  Cranking & Alternator - TS-120

OptiMATE TEST Cranking & Alternator - TS-120£39.95

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OptiMATE 2 - TM422

OptiMATE 2 - TM422£39.99

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This charger is not suitable for lithium batteries.

OptiMATE - TM470

OptiMATE - TM470£64.95


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Optimate 0.8Amp Lithium (LIFEPO4)

Maintenance Charger TM-470
Antigravity Batteries THUMP-BOX

Antigravity Batteries THUMP-BOX£69.95

The amazing THUMP-BOX Blue Tooth Speaker System from Antigravity Batteries uses a patented Sonic Wave Technology that transmits sonic vibrations into most any surface

Antigravity 4-Cell Aluminium Battery Tray

Antigravity 4-Cell Aluminium Battery Tray£69.99

Custom, Lightweight, All-Aluminium Tray

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Page 3 of 8:    85 Items